Become A Reseller

Let’s work together to help small businesses around the world sell online.

With partnership options for companies of any size and industry, e-SHOPPER will help you build and scale your e-commerce offering.

Choose Your Reseller Membership

Our reseller plans gives you up to 40% discount on subscription plans and up to 40% recurring lifetime commission for every referral!



€ 499


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Reseller Benefits

A Platform Made For Partners

Recurring Lifetime Commission

Whenever your referral purchases a subscription, you get a commission.

Get Paid By

We will pay you every 15 days for every commission earned by referrals.

Real-time Statistics Dashboard

Sign in to your account to see your affiliate link views, clicks, and referred sign-ups. 

Discount On Subscription Plans

You will get a reseller coupon to use it every time you purchase a new plan for your clients.

Get Paid From Your Clients

Buy our products with your reseller coupon and set the price for your clients!

30-Days Cookie Expiration

Our 30-day cookie ensures that you have time for your referral to complete the purchase.

Zero Maintenance

Never worry about software updates or maintenance again, thanks to our secure, hosted cloud solution.

Site Builder Compatible

e-SHOPPER stores can easily be added to any site builder or custom website, by simple copying the code snippet. 


What you need to know

There are two types of payments within the partnership program, depending on the Tier and features you’d like.

  1. Membership Fee (Annual): When you join the program, you’ll pay a membership fee based on the Tier you have chosen.
  2. Store subscriptions (Monthly or Yearly): Every time you need to create a store for your client just use your reseller coupon and purchase the plan, at a deeply discounted partner rate. As a reseller, you can set whatever price you’d like for store plans, store setup and charge your clients directly.

Of course. We appreciate ambassadors who want to grow alongside e-SHOPPER exclusively. However, we do understand that this isn’t possible at all times. Whatever the case we appreciate your effort and trust in our platform and we cannot wait to see your promote e-SHOPPER in your niche.

Over 50 payment providers are supported, and you and your clients will never be charged additional fees for accepting payments.

All you need to do is:

  • Subscribe to the membership of your choice.
  • You will receive within one business day your reseller coupon, which will be always available on your Partner Area dashboard, along with every else you need to start helping clients sell online.

We use a First Touch attribution model to give 100% credit to you for driving a visitor to our website for the first time. This means that we track if the first user visit on e-SHOPPER is done through your link, you still get your commission even if the purchase is done through other means.

Our referral cookie lasts for 30 days. You should remember though that even if your referral completes a purchase after 30 days of his first visit, you still get the commission.

You should expect your payments to be processed within 15 working days of the next month since the completed referral purchase. There is no minimum payout, you get paid exactly the amount you have earned as soon as the aforementioned timing is completed.

On Platinum plan, you will charge your clients and get paid instantly!