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e-SHOPPER Add-ons

e-SHOPPER’s capabilities don’t stop at its original features. Our library is as extensive as your needs are. To keep up with everyone’s demands, we have a variety of add-ons to include to your existing e-SHOPPER online store. Below, you can find a list of all available applications available right now. Of course, more add-ons will be added in the future. This is only the beginning!


HelpfulCrowd: Video Product Reviews and Q&A

HelpfulCrowd helps you do this by including Q&A in every plan. There’s also a ton of other premium product review app features included in our free plan like video and photo reviews, Re-review, core widgets and automatic translation of 27+ languages.

Convead: Marketing Automation and Analytics

Convead is a marketing platform that analyzes customer behavior, reveals sales bottlenecks, and provides powerful tools and recommendations to increase conversions and revenue.

Kliken Marketing: Google Campaigns and Retargeting

Kliken allows you to build product specific retargeting campaigns in just 5 minutes. Easily build ads for your products and market to new and existing customers by retargeting your visitors across all major websites and close more sales on your store. Unleash the Kliken, and grow your store online.

Affiliatly: Affiliate Marketing Software

Affiliatly tracks both mobile and desktop visitors and offers a wide range of functions and tracking methods at an affordable price. Track your affiliates’ referrals by link, coupon code, QR code, client’s email, product SKU, or a combination of those.

Outfy: Social Media Marketing

Outfy helps you to promote your products on as many as 14 social media networks, seamlessly reaching 1000s of potential customers with ease. Set your store on “Autopilot” to push your posts automatically. Make them non-robotic with caption templates and hashtags.

Amplify social reach by posting products to 14+ social networks from a single place:

  • Increase social reach of your products, boost traffic & sales
  • Promote your products to 14+ prominent social networks from a single place all at once
  • Set your store on “Autopilot” to push your posts automatically. Huge time saver

Gratisfaction: Giveaways & Contests, Loyalty, Referral, Birthdays & Anniversaries

Loyalty, Referral, Rewards, Birthdays, Giveaways, Sweepstakes. Increase Sales, Repeat and Referral Purchases, Build Lists and Engagement.

  • Loyalty Rewards Program: Set up your own customized loyalty rewards program
  • Referral Program: Activate multiple types of single or double sided referral programs
  • Giveaways and Contests: Run giveaways, contests, instant win campaigns, sweepstakes and purchase to win campaigns.
  • Birthdays and Anniversaries: Reward customers for sharing their key life moments, like their birthdays, pet’s birthdays, mother-in-law’s birthday, anniversaries and more. Create multiple events and give your customers many reasons to visit and purchase from your store!

Facebook & Google Easy Ads

Grow your sales with advertising on Facebook and Google

  • Attract new customers with ads on Facebook feed, Instagram Stories and Google Smart Shopping
  • Bring back visitors who abandoned their cart. Get a second shot at making the sale with powerful retargeting ads.
  • Showcase your winning or best selling products with creative ads. Show them to the world with our crafted colorful video templates in our Video Editor.

Gift Up! Digital Gift Cards

Sell & redeem gift cards on your website with no monthly fee

  • Gift cards can be bought directly from your website
  • Gift cards are delivered via email immediately (or can can be scheduled for a specific day/time)
  • Customers can redeem gift cards in your online store (order subtotal only) and in-store via our app
  • There are no monthly or setup fees, and only a 3.49% fee when you sell a gift card

iDevAffiliate: Affiliate Tracking Software

Extend your current sales force by building an army of affiliate marketers

  • Scalable for beginners to experts
  • Tons of marketing options, built-in and ready to go
  • Built-in support for advanced commissioning features. Coupon code commissioning and per-product commissioning
  • We grow with you. Unlimited affiliates. Unlimited commissions

Post Affiliate Pro: Affiliate Tracking

Intuitive, fast, effective and infinitely expandable affiliate software

  • Customizable affiliate interface
  • Expandable with many plugins (hundreds of features)
  • ­SEO friendly affiliate links
  • ­Real time reporting

Trustami: One Seal for All Reviews

Trustami offers an innovative service which enables you to show all distributed ratings and reviews in one place. Trustami collects, analyzes and presents users’ distributed social media/web data in a standardized and user-friendly format to fill the need for trust in online interactions.

  • Aggregate unlimited ratings from all platforms or networks
  • Increase the trust in your online shop
  • Increase conversion rate based on your positive reputation
  • Increase traffic through Google stars in organic search

Promo Bar

Free, Responsive and Fully Customizable Header Bar. Promote Free Shipping, Free Gifts, Coupons and Specials

  • Free and Fully Customizable Notification Bar. Promote Free Shipping, Free Gifts, Discount Codes and contact info with customizable hello bar
  • 10+ more popular onsite marketing tools included to increase your sales and grow your subscribers
  • Free to use. No coding required. Easy Installation. Targeting available.

Rare.io: Smart Email Marketing

Easy & Smart Emails That Sell: Increase your sales by +30% with Smart Campaigns, +20% with Cart Recovery and Automated Series like Welcome, Order Follow-up & more.

Smart Product Recommendations & Timing: Create email campaigns up to 10x faster with our Smart Product Recommendations tailored to each customer.

Simple Setup & 5-Star Support: Get started with one-click install and grab a Free Support call with an email optimization specialist to quickly increase your results and maximize sales.

Store Design

Decorator: Restyle Your Store

The Decorator App is a powerful way to design your online store. No CSS knowledge required!

Main app features include:

  • Change the color of text, backgrounds and buttons.
  • Choose from several button styles
  • Change font sizes, and easily use custom fonts from Google fonts, Adobe Typekit, Fonts.com, or your own server.

Random Product Widget

Highlight different products from your catalog each time a visitor browses different pages of your store.

You can show as many products as you like, customize product thumbnail size, modify products’ display layout and more.

Tabs for Descriptions

Optimize sales with tabs for delivery or return info and more!

  • Boost sales – Optimize sales with tabbed descriptions for any page or theme. Easily display delivery and return policies, product information & reviews
  • Make it yours – With a fully customizable design you can make the tabs perfectly fit in with your site design. Adjust colors, fonts, sizing, spacing & more
  • Improve User Experience – Use tabs to organize your content and put more in less space, thereby reducing shopper confusion and boosting satisfaction

Pinterest Save Button

Expand the audience of your store by allowing visitors to share your products on their Pinterest boards. Once you install the app, the main images on product details pages will have a Save button displayed on mouse-over.

No complex settings or instructions – just install the app and keep going!

Imajize: 360º Product Views

The Imajize 360º viewer is your automated sales tool that turns ordinary websites into addictive shopping experiences. With endless customization, advanced features, and world class support, Imajize is the industry leading 360º product viewer.

The Imajize App makes it easy to replace your primary product image with a 360º spin. Just copy and paste.

How did you find us?

Add an optional or required question about how customer found you right at the checkout process. Customize the text and question tip to tailor it to your business or language.

Quick and easy installation right in your store control panel allows for easy access to app at any time. You can show or hide the question to all visitors whenever you need.

Checkout Notices

Add a custom note for customers at checkout

  • Draw your customers’ attention to special offers to improve sales
  • Update the notes easily right in your store control panel

You can display these notes about your store’s special offers, shipping methods, or your timetable on holidays on any page of the checkout process. To edit the texts, just head over to the app interface in your online store control panel – simple and easy!

Recently Viewed Products

It’s easy to get lost in a storefront with a big catalog offering. With the Recently Viewed Products app your customers can easily and directly get back to the items they were looking at using a nice product carousel widget.

You can specify the maximum number of products to show in the widget, as well as their position: at the top or at the bottom of your storefront.

Make the browsing of your storefront easier with Recently Viewed Products!

Catalog & Order Management

Codisto LINQ: Amazon & eBay integration

Codisto LINQ provides bulk Amazon & eBay listing creation & management with real-time sync of products, inventory across all channels and marketplace orders to your website.

Simple control directly from your website platform means there is no exporting feeds or uploading on a schedule – make a change to your linked products in your website and Amazon/eBay is updated immediately.

Gift Up! Digital Gift Cards

Easily design beautiful gift cards/certificates with your branding & logo. Get access to 100’s of unique, beautiful designs — you can style it to look any way you want.

2 lines of HTML code embeds the Gift Up! checkout into your website enabling your customers to buy your gift cards. The gift card can then be redeemed by the recipient via your shopping cart over and over (order subtotal only), until the balance is all used up. You can even accept the gift cards in-store via our mobile apps.

A comprehensive, modern, beautiful, out of the box experience that you and your customers will love. Using the latest modern technology, like Apple pay, Android pay as well as regular credit & debit cards (using either a Stripe account, or PayPal, or both).

Bulk Gallery Upload

Bulk Gallery Upload for Your Online Store

  • You no longer need to pick images one by one
  • Organize clear the dependences of products, picture file names, and captions using the CSV table
  • Gallery image titles is possible on virtually any language (even Thai or Chinese for example) thanks to Unicode
  • You can start bulk uploading directly from the Online Store Control Panel

Fulfill Sync: Fulfill Multiple 3PL Orders

Fulfill Sync lets you mark multiple orders as shipped with tracking numbers using CSV, FTP, or email. Save your time processing multiple orders and focus on timely fulfillment.

Automate fulfilling orders from shipping files from vendors, suppliers, drop shippers or warehouses. Read the order number from the file and find matching orders to update fulfillment status and tracking info. 

Manage multiple sources in a single platform and view or download all your orders in the fulfillment log provided.


Printout Designer: Create Invoices, Packing Slips and Labels

Printout Designer enables you to streamline your shipping process with the ability to create invoices, picking slips and labels in a matter of seconds. You can easily batch print, download or email all your printouts with couple of clicks. Our users say that Printout Designer allows them to process their orders up to FIVE times faster than their previous solution.

Share a Refund: Automatic Refunds on Shipping Invoices

Share a Refund is autocorrect for your shipping invoices. Works on FedEx, DHL and UPS

  • Free money. This app finds and secures refunds when you’ve paid too much on shipping, and shares the savings delivered. Hence the name: Share a Refund. It’s all upside
  • No setup. Simply provide your login credentials to your shipping accounts, and get the first refunds in as little as just 5 minutes. No changes are required on your end
  • Zero of pocket expenses. There’s no upfront or ongoing fees, the only cost is a percentage of the refunds secure back to your shipping accounts
  • Great reporting. Real-time charts and graphs showcase all shipping, auditing and refunding activities on your shipping accounts. Weekly emails keep you up-to-date

Analytics & Reporting

Kliken Stats: Powerful Stats for Your Store

Next generation stats for your online store

  • Understand your Store Traffic with Free Stats and Sell More
  • Calculate Revenue, Conversion Rates, Time to Purchase and More
  • Discover Your Top Products, Categories, Locations and Traffic Sources
  • Find Your Profit By Channel, Customer and Product

MonkeyData: Advanced Store Reports

Advanced Store Reports help you make data-driven business decisions, allowing you to compare your sales across products, customers, locations and more.

All the important metrics are displayed in predefined reports to give you a deeper level of understanding of your store’s potential, it’s strengths, and where to make changes.

  • Get more insights about unique data including your sales, products, customers, and much more.
  • Simply optimize your online store by checking on all important store metrics in fully predefined reports.
  • Be always up to date. Online store data is downloaded every hour to give you the freshest updates.

Lucky Orange: Conversion Optimization Suite

Find out why your visitors never convert into customers

  • See how people click, move, and scroll through pages of your store
  • Rich online chat capabilities
  • Gain valuable insight into how users walk through your checkout steps

Customer Support & Rewards

Scratch & Win Promotions

Visitors & fans scratch a virtual card for chance to win

  • Capture leads & grow fans in a fun & engaging way
  • Increase repeat visits to your store with ‘Play-Again’ feature
  • Grow your referrals with ‘Refer to Play Again’ feature
  • Display on your Facebook Page. Increase Likes & Fans

Send Thankster Cards to Customers

A great way to show customers you care is with cards written by hand. Once a customer pays for a new order on Ecwid, this integration will automatically mail out a card to their physical address via Thankster, letting you express your appreciation without wasting valuable time.

Tidio: Live Chat

Leave no customer behind! Get the #1 best-reviewed live chat on e-commerce platforms for your online store

  • Boost sales and satisfaction by engaging visitors in real-time
  • Reply on-the-go with iOS and Android mobile apps to keep your customer conversations fluid across devices.
  • Installs in seconds and easy to use. No registration or coding required.

Facebook Chat

Support your customers via Facebook Live Chat conveniently from your own website

  • Facebook Messenger is the new live chat. This is a great place to start a conversation or provide support.
  • Facebook Messenger has over 900 million active monthly users so there is a good chance your customers are already using Facebook Messenger.
  • Free and convenient. Chat history available for both store owner and customer.


Social Sharing Buttons

Get more social shares and followers with Zotabox free social media icons. Mobile-responsive with multiple social accounts, styles, sizes and colors

  • Multiple social accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, G+, Youtube, Blogger, Tumblr
  • Get more social share and follows
  • Responsive, mobile-friendly social media icon buttons

Social Coupon

Instantly get more shares and followers by offering customers discount coupons

  • Get more followers and shares instantly by offering a coupon for sharing your website or following your social account
  • Stylish, flexible and responsive popups with multiple templates. Offer coupon for collecting emails too
  • Choose where, when and to who to display your popup including on exit

Required Login for Storefront Access

Add a requirement for customers to sign in before they access any page in your storefront. Easily enable or disable it right in the store control panel.

You can use it with the combination of custom styles for your store, so that you can hide the registration button or show different content based on who is viewing the store.

Countdown Timer for Product and Category Descriptions

Boost conversions with a countdown to events to create urgency

  • Boost conversions – Announce promotions with a countdown. Create a sense of urgency to boost sales by alerting the user that current deal is nearly over
  • Make it yours – Customize your countdown timer with your own colors, sizing, style and animations to make it fit perfectly with the design of your site
  • Show social proof – Drive more sales by displaying the number of users that have purchased item x