E-SHOPPER How To: Manage Abandoned Carts

E-SHOPPER abandoned carts

Visitors landing on your online store have a chance of becoming a customer or not. This is a “coin-flip” that business owners have to face and overcome with the use of modern ways like on-site promotions, advertising and remarketing emails. One very effective way to make visitors into customers when they leave your website is by reminding them of their forgotten cart. E-SHOPPER gives you the option to send forgotten cart emails to part visitors with just one click. Easy right?

How do you manage forgotten carts in e-SHOPPER?

This is a question that can easily be described by taking a dive into our product’s management dashboard. Upon entering the dashboard, you can see the “My Sales” tab. Under it, you’ll find the “Abandoned Cart” tab in which you can find all available forgotten carts as well as a prompt to remind visitors of their left products. You can now just click and send them a reminder and have them (hopefully) come back to get them.

E-SHOPPER How To: Manage Abandoned Carts

If you need help in sending forgotten carts emails in e-SHOPPER, take a look at our video below:

Why are forgotten carts so important in ecommerce?

Basically, what forgotten cart emails do is bring back visitors that have left your online store abruptly without completing their purchase. To be able to send them a reminder email, you’ll need to have their email address already, which means that they are either returning visitors or users that have started the checkout process but didn’t complete it. In both cases, a reminder can prove only beneficial for your store, as it has a high chance of bringing the customer back in your shop.

With e-SHOPPER, you can easily manage and send forgotten carts in emails to users. You can also set recurring reminders and, of course, see when the users finally complete their purchases.