How Important is Advertising in eCommerce?

Advertising in eCommerce

Now that eCommerce is a constable in our lives and as consumers we do a big portion of our day to day purchases online, advertising has a big role too. It’s not an understatement to say that advertising is essential when it comes to eCommerce. Those areas are closely related and coexist. Why is that though?

A huge percentage of online sales for any brand comes from online searches. The consumer might see a post or an ad containing the product, find it on a product database or discover it through influencer marketing. All those techniques are online and available. Also, they are essential if your brand is not widely known yet.

Advertising is as important as the product itself and with modern means of advertising becoming more and more advanced, so does the profit. According to Statista, advertising on social media has doubled in the last two years. In numbers, social media ads have reached $31 billion in 2016 and it only goes upwards from there.

There are three main reasons why advertising in eCommerce is important.

Advertising in eCommerce
  1. Creating an Audience

Social Networks have the power of the people. This means that the most important reason for you to invest in advertising there is to create an audience of people that want to follow your brand’s journey into becoming a succesful business.

2. Promote your Products

This is the most important reason to invest in advertising. Mostly because it’s the reason eCommerce exists in the first place. Make sure that your assets: photos, videos, ad templates are visually appealing. This way your sales will skyrocket and your brand will flurish.

3. Promote Loyalty

Shopping online has some elements of social interaction. This means that any good experience within your store will translate into new customers and more purchases from loyal customers. Pay attention to your promises and your services so that you will never fall behind of what your customers need.

What channels should you invest in when advertising your eCommerce products?

The obvious choices are Google and Facebook as they are the two biggest competitors on that front. However, they are not the only ones. In 2021, both Instagram and Snapchat have risen in popularity. Creating an online store with e-SHOPPER gives you access to instant Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat stores as well as adds your shop to Google Shopping.