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eshopper manager

Manage on Desktop & Mobile

Access your orders and product catalog even if you're offline. Add and modify products right from your sofa.

Get notified about new orders with push-notifications and process orders on the go.

Sell on the Go feature built-in.

Why Manage with e-SHOPPER?


Quick Navigation

No need for overflowing options. e-SHOPPER has a clean look where you can navigate easily.

Mobile App

Manage your store on the go by using the Mobile Manager application. See instructions on how to set it up below.

Secure Payments

With e-SHOPPER payments are safe. From credit to Paypal to custom payments, we got your covered.

Shipping Tracking

Estimate your shipping fees, select carriers and track your shipment easily, without compromising time from other procedures.

How to get your Mobile Manager

Setting up your e-SHOPPER mobile manager application is as easy as ABC.


Connect to your Desktop Dashboard

To get started with your mobile manager, you first have to navigate through your desktop dashboard to the "All Sales Channels" and choose "Mobile"


Scan the QR Code or Get Mobile Test

After clicking the "Get the App" button you can either scan the QR code on your mobile device, or have e-SHOPPER text you a link to download it.


Download the App

You will be navigated to your shop link. Follow the link to get redirected to Google Play or App Store and download your application.

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