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Market your store with e-SHOPPER

Use the power of modern advertising to drive clicks into customers. Reward existing users with exclusive discount coupons and offer custom promotions for sales milestones. All that, with only a couple of clicks.

Easy Marketing

Every product needs a customer. Use the best marketing practices to acquire new customers, raise the average order value, and keep buyers coming back for more.

Social Media

Start an advertising campaign to reach your target audience and get more traffic into your store.

Discount Coupons

Create custom coupons to drive more traffic into your store. Happy customers are loyal customers.


Stay in touch with your customers through integrated newsletter. Encourage sales, remind your customers of new products and more.

Automatic Discounts

Create automatic discounts for certain subtotal thresholds, specific customer groups and reward sales on all levels.

Advertise on Facebook


Facebook is visited by millions of users daily. Running ads on Facebook lets you show your products in newsfeed of users who match your target audience.


e-SHOPPER includes an easy setup guide to help you advertise on Facebook, track your audience and manage your ongoing campaigns.

Setup Process

Add your products on Facebook

Link your Facebook store account with e-SHOPPER and add your products to your storefront.

Set up Facebook Pixel

Add Pixel to your store in order to track visitors and display ads for those that left without completing a purchase

Launch your Ad Campaign

All you need now is to create your target groups, set your budget and run custom campaigns to drive customers to your storefront.

Advertise on Google

Effortless Search Advertising

A quick and easy way to display and advertise your products across Google with Google Shopping Ads.

Use the automated Google Shopping Ads to advertise on Google in a few simple steps. Just set a budget and your target audience to start your Google Shopping advertising campaign.

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