Top 5 Online Restaurant Store Features

Online Restaurant Store

Who would have thought? That a day would come that restaurants need to adapt to an online experience so that they can keep expanding? In an everchanging market, the need for an online presence is important even in the food chain niche.

What are the main features that a restaurant online store should have?

Pickup & Delivery System

Online food delivery needs to invest in a pickup and delivery system to stay competent. What’s most important is for the restaurant to have customers pick their delivery time and place so that the business can keep track of everything and organize.

Providing an intuitive delivery system to the customer as well as being consistent with those timelines you set will be the key for them to be coming back for more.

Online Restaurant Store
Customizable Menu

Not all eaters are easy. With that being said, an online restaurant store will need to keep in mind the eating habits of customers. Since a client can’t say what they want in their burger, for instance, you’ll need to create a customizable menu with options so that everyone is happy and you don’t lose on the opportunity to gain more customers.

Gift Cards & Promotions

Customers always love the idea of getting random promotions or gift cards from the restaurants they love to eat from. Tracking loyal customers and giving them a discount after some orders can be a great way to capture and bring back customers that love the restaurant’s food.

Point of Sale

Adding POS functionality to your online delivery service and have an all-in-one system process all payments and receipts automatically is the next-gen way to run your restaurant.

Menu Bundles

Do your customers stay on your online restaurant store way to long and don’t know what to order? Then you should consider creating menu bundles for a discounted price.

For instance, if you have an italian restaurant you can provide a Pizza menu with a salad, a big pizza and a light dessert with a small discount to win more customers.

Online Restaurant Store