What Type of Merchant Can Benefit from Ecommerce?

merchants ecommerce

ECommerce in 2021 goes way beyond classic electronics, clothing and online services stores. Nowadays, every small to mid business can own an ecommerce store and extend their sales to different channels at the same time. E-SHOPPER has a variety of omnichannel tools that can make it easy for every merchant to create an ecommerce store easily and fast. More or less, anyone can have an eshop in just a day.

What type of merchant can take advantage of an eCommerce store?


Restaurants and fast food stores can use an online shop to create a native delivery service with order tracking. This can drive additional customers into the business without having to go over in-house costs.


As a florist, you can benefit from an online store by showcasing prearranged bouquets for quick order fulfillment and setup delivery options depending on the area. Also, you can offer discounted arrangements using in-season flowers.


As a fitness coach or gym, you can utilize your social pages to drive more people to your online store. There you can provide digital orders for services you provide as well as let customers create custom workout plans.

Digital Goods

If you own a service that provides digital goods like ebooks, digital soundtracks, or applications, you can benefit from an online store that gives unique download links to customers with easy and secure payments. ECommerce is not only for a physical merchant.


Who said that nonprofit businesses cannot own an online store? By adding branded merch to your store you can raise funds for a good cause as well as include donations for users.

merchant ecommerce

As an artist, providing your art through digital form not only through an online store but also social networks. You can sell prints or songs through Facebook and Instagram as well as provide free downloads or marketing promotions.

E-SHOPPER can do all those mentioned above and so much more. Even more, you can set up your store, or add it to your existing website in less than a day and synchronize it to your Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat so that you can drive even more sales to your business. Find out how today!